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Microsoft currently has amazing range of powerful product, except lumia which haven’t yet got Windows Phone 10 Official Update. Microsoft is stepping in again, but now, not with it’s Softwares but with it’s hardware i.e Surface.

Microsoft in 2008 unveiled Surface(1) and up until 2014, Surface was struggling, but Surface Pro 3, Launched in 2014 was huge hit, making customers have another option rather than MacBook Air and now, last years’ Surface Pro 4 is even more powerful, gorgeous and stunning. There is no such handy and compatible device ever created! Brilliant Microsoft!

Surface Pro 4

But, Surface Pro devices cannot give tough competition to MacBook Pro as like it can to Air. So, Microsoft came up with Surface Book, which I have no words how fabulous and powerful it is. It is a milestone in history of computers!

Surface Book i7

And now, this year they introduced Surface Studio which is just…you know how amazing it is. ┬áIt amazingly leaves iMac in dust. According to me, all Apple products are Pluto in front of giant Microsoft Sun.

Surface Studio

We can’t wait for 2017, which might unveil long waited and rumoured Surface Phone, which’ll/might give tough competition to the worlds’ most popular smartphone – iPhones. Also, we cannot predict what Microsoft might unveil next year, they love to give boom! – like surprises. Maybe, a SmartWatch – SurfaceWatch, Surface Pro 5, new and improved Surface Book etc.

That’s all I can say, I’m sticking to Microsoft, what about you? Let me know in the comments section below! :)