Surface dial is really an amazing accessory for Surface Studio. It helps to cut out hassle-ness to move your finger from one side of that giant screen to the other side and many more applications are there.

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Each developer has found a natural, unique way to use the Surface Dial in their app, and the results are pretty spectacular. On top of that, the variety of apps involved shows that the Surface Dial has true appeal as a tool across a number of different categories ranging from architecture to music composition and drawing.

As a reminder, the Surface Dial is available for pre-order now for $100 = ₹4,034, and is currently set to ship by December 15. While the dial works with all Windows 10 devices, it will require a Surface Studio to be used attached to a screen.

Are you excited to give the Surface Dial a try? Let us know in the comment below how you’re planning to use it!