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Feedback Hub app received a very welcome and large update today which added some pretty good things for insiders. Finally you can now share your feedback links by short URLs(hooray!), which are recognized as web links and also a more personal Thank You page for those insiders who provide feedback. The app version number has been bumped to 1.1610.3072.0 and is live for all fast ring insider members.

Check out the full change-log below,


  • The web URL links for content are short links making them easier to share on social media such as Twitter or Facebook
  • Unlike Feedback Hub URI links, the URL short links are recognized as web links when shared, making it easier for other people to click on them and get routed to the item

To get the short URL links, just click on “Share” button on any of the shareable Feedback Hub content.

A new, more personal, Thank You page

Teams at Microsoft value your feedback, and we wanted a better way to say thank you. So why not show you some of the people (our Community Champions) who are constantly reading your feedback and translating it into improvements in our products and services.

The new Thank you page now features:

  • A more personalized Thank you message
  • A help section. For those of you who need help immediately, you might be able to find some solutions here.
  • Additional information about our process for leveraging feedback.

We are very grateful for your feedback and we hope that this new Thank you page conveys that!

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