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Slack Team has released a new update to its Slack app for Windows Phone. The update comes just after Microsoft announced its Microsoft Teams App its competitor for Slack App.The app has been bumped to new version 2016.1102.0.0.

Below is the full changelog of What’s new and fixed in the latest update.


  • Presence was not always being 100% truthful. You’re now there when you’re there, and not when you’re not. As it should be.
  • Loading very large teams could make the app unresponsive. No more.
  • The red notification dot would sometimes not go away when you read messages with mentions in them. It had ONE job. It now performs it.
  • DND was sometimes performing time travel, moving into negative time. Impressive, but not useful, so we fixed it up.
  • We sometimes forgot to save your unsent message when you switched teams or channels. We’ll now keep them till you get back.
  • Where you couldn’t always tap mentions to see a user profile. You now can.
  • Channels that were staying bold once you’d read them was a bold (but incorrect) move, and is now rectified.
  • Leaving and closing channels could sometimes cause issues. Now you can come and go as you please.
  • Notifications, where they were unreliable, can now be trusted again.
  • Channels with terrible habit of forgetting the scroll position in messages if you were distracted by a opening a picture (or looking away at any other shiny object) now remember where you were before you… wait, what’s that? Is that candy?

If you haven’t yet taken the update you can do so by clicking the below link.

Download Slack Beta App for Windows Phone.