Microsoft will release the Windows 10 creators update early 2017, that is between Feb.-Apr. The new thing coming to new update are as follows –

Paint 3D :


This is really a big update to native windows classic application which has been there for many years. The new Paint 3D focuses more on creating 3D objects by drawing it or scanning real object using new Windows 10 Mobile devices, like HP’s Elite using CCD. This update will help creative people to create 3D object and upload them to their HoloLens.

MyPeople :


MyPeople feature is really handy and useful for interlinked people. The taskbar will now show people which are connected to you at the bottom right corner to which you can send file through whichever application you want, like –  Skype, GroupMe and even Office for things like active collaborators within Office, with the ability to quickly message people by selecting their icon. There will also be interactive elements, with things such as receiving an emoji and having it popup directly on the desktop. Brilliant!

Windows Defender Update :


There will be new UI update to Windows Defender, similar to native Windows 10 Applications. There might even be Performance Improvements.

Microsoft Edge :


Microsoft Edge is now having more features. For HoloLens users, you can now pull 3D objects from Web Pages and for Desktop users, there are new tab minimizing and switching features.

Action Center Improvements : 


There will be new UI improvements to Creators Update and Refined Quick Action Icons. That’ll be clean now.

Personalization :


The most interesting feature of Creators Update  is Personalization. Now you can shooce whichever color you want for personalizing taskbar or Windows Start Menu.

There are much more things coming, stay tuned for those.


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