Build 2016 Event

Well, We all are aware of the last week’s Microsoft event, where they announced the next chapter of Windows 10. Microsoft will release Windows 10 Creators update in early 2017.

The Windows 10 Creators Update have lots of new features and improvements including people bar, 3D experience and more. But, as you know that there is no words on the redesign of the File Explorer. Of course it’s very hard to implement all new file explorer from scratch in this time window.

So..? How?

It is possible that Microsoft introduce the new File Explorer for Windows 10 as an UWP application. Here’s an example. Remember the Control Panel? With the evolution of Windows 10 company completely bring all the features to the Windows 10 Settings app. However, sometime we still use Control Panel. But not that much. And maybe one-day in future it will have all the current features in it.

New features?

The new file explorer might not have all of the new features just like the current one have. The current File Explorer have tons of features and its easy to use easy to manage all of your document and other files.

Maybe the new Windows 10 File Explorer will have many features like you can quickly make a list of file names by exporting them into Notepad/WordPad with simple right click and “Make a List” button. A quick and actionable information of every file, folder and whole system rather than right click on it and then check the properties.

Possibility with current one?

Or maybe they bring the Dark theme mode to the current file explorer since its the major requested feature from the windows 10 users. One of the spokesperson told me that it’s hard to create all new File Explorer from scratch. But it’s not impossible.


(In case you don’t know, Peter Skillman is the designer at the Microsoft.)


Maybe if Microsoft want to introduce the new File Explorer for Windows 10, then it might be in the early stage of the development. Since Windows 10 Redstone 2 is all about productivity. So, It will be part of the Windows 10 Redstone 3 which is set to launch after Summer 2017.

Tell us what you thinking about the new File Explorer for Windows 10 in a comment below.