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MEGA, has been the company which has been supporting the Windows Platform for long. They already have a Windows Phone app with 50 GB storage online which is more than being provided by any other online storage company.

The app they currently have in Windows Store is an old app which is more compatible with Windows phone than Windows Mobile 10.Now we have a confirmation from the company via Tweet that MEGA is working on a UWP app for Windows 10 Mobile,but currently there is no time frame given as to when the company plans to release the app for Windows 10.

When asked in a Tweet by one of the MEGA Privacy App user, one of the correspondent from the company confirmed the news of UWP app for Windows 10.

The current app is outdated with Old UI and works a lot slower on Windows 10 Mobile since there is poor backward compatibility for Windows 10.

Its good to see lot of companies coming forward and making apps compatible with Windows 10 and building apps based on the UWP of Windows 10.