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The war between Apple and Microsoft has restarted due to Microsoft showing it’s true power by unveiling super amazing and powerful machines which are giving tough competition to Macs.


Last week both companies unveiled their new machines and their flagship devices as well. Surface Book i7 is really an amazing laptop to have, it truly is Ultimate Laptop out there now with the new and improved Graphics and Battery, it’s the best out there.


The MacBook Pro were said to be most powerful laptop out their on the market to get one until Microsoft unveiled Surface Book last year. The most amazing thing about MacBook Pro for me is the gorgeous Retina Display and world’s most Advanced Desktop Operating System – macOS. MacBook Pro are really powerful laptops out there and with all Apple Ecosystem, it’s really fascinating to get into that Ecosystem.

But, which should I get?

I’m not gonna say like other sites that it depends on your choice and requirements but I’m gonna tell you exactly which to get one.


Surface Book is really a revolutionary laptop out there, so I would suggest you to get one.

Reasons are Simple,

  1. It has Windows, which mostly many people on this planet use, so there is flexibility between you and other people, so it’s best for Business People.
  2. It has amazing 6th Gen Intel Core Processor, with Nvidia GPU, so it’s best Gamers.
  3. You can do heavy ton editing of videos, even 4K, as it has 4GB Nvidia GPU, PixelSense Display with support for 5 Million Pixels, so it’s best for GFX Designers.
  4. It has Touch Screen with PixelSense Display and amazing Surface Pen included in the box, so it’s great for Artists.
  5. As it has TouchScreen, Loud Speakers and Powerful Processors, it’s best for DJ’s, or Musicians.
  6. And, it’s made by Microsoft, which makes Windows, so it’s not like getting a DELL or HP but getting a Laptop which is made by the company which makes it’s own Software.

And there you get the reason of why you should choose Surface Book over MacBook Pro

But, people like me, like macOS more than Windows, so people like me can get MacBook Pro which in nearly powerful and good as compared to Surface Book.

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