Microsoft unveiled the new Surface Studio back last week and it’s really breath taking and awe making device/computer one can ever hands on. Microsoft is specifically pioneering different types of hinges for their devices in majority, like the Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge for Surface Book and Zero Gravity Hinge for Surface Studio.

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In performance, Surface Studio is really top of line and easily can beat up latest iMac, it has 6th Generation Intel Core Processors and RAM up to 32 GB, which is Massive and with up to 2 TB Storage, plus, a 4 GB Nvidia GeForce Graphics. This is much better than the latest iMac which offers max 8 GB RAM from Apple (configurable) and 2 GB AMD Radeon Graphics.

Surface Studio truly is amazing computer and this computer has revolutionized PC’s and renamed what a PC is. This is what we can say Microsoft’s true Potential.