Image Courtesy: HP.com

HP in a blog post confirmed that they are embracing the Microsoft’s new 3D capabilities it revealed with Windows 10 Creators Update coming in early 2017.

In a blog post, the company stated:

By bringing together HP’s hardware with Windows 10 operating system, the two companies will enable 3D and VR experiences never seen before. Now, with Microsoft’s announcement, HP will embrace these new 3D capabilities in Windows 10 as part of our Blended Reality strategy for the masses by making this available across a wide spectrum of solutions and price points – stay tuned for more details. For example, during Microsoft’s event today, the company demonstrated on an HP Elite X3 how you could scan a ship model using 3D capture using the standard RGB cameras.

“As part of the Microsoft announcement, its Mixed Reality vision goes well beyond 3D capture to also include Windows Holographic where VR experiences will be at the core of Windows moving forward. We plan to engineer and optimize PCs and Workstations for this platform starting with systems that ship in the Creators Update timeframe. We are doing this because we believe this will change the way people interact with both their home and work personal systems, transforming entertainment, gaming and professional workflows.

To deliver a complete solution, HP is announcing our plans to offer a new VR head mounted display (HMD) designed and optimized for Windows Holographic. One of our favorite things about Windows Holographic is that it enables a new approach to positional tracking for VR.