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HP is rolling out a new firmware update for its recently released Elite X3 Windows phone handset. This is the second firmware update to be released for device, with the first rolling out only a few weeks ago alongside the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update.

The new firmware rolls out with version 0002.0000.0014.0100, from the older firmware version 0002.0000.0007.0088. This new firmware update does not bring any new featuers and just appears to be bug-fixing firmware udpate.

However below is the new things noticed after taking the firmware update.

  • Camera tap-to-focus and focusing, in general, is much faster
  • The OS seems more responsive including faster transitions/animations
  • ‘Lock to lower’ feature (under Double Tap to Wake) is now disabled; Raise to wake works and should be improved

The update is currently rolling out and should be available for Insider members on Fast/Slow ring sooner than later via Windows Update.

Do let us know if you find anything new apart from the improvements mentioned above.