Microsoft Surface is one of the most powerful range of laptop in the world weather its about pattern, performance or productivity it doesn’t matter.

Meanwhile a new pattern shows up which was submitted by Microsoft a while ago. New pattern will allow users to connect 2 or more than 2 Surface devices together to create a larger canvas. All of the connection is done by using a double-headed keyword connector.

Here’s the official description of the patter by Microsoft :

Even though users may have access to a wide range of computing devices, conventional techniques to interact with these devices were provided by the computing devices separately. Accordingly, techniques are described herein to support physical and communicative connections between computing devices. For example, mobile computing devices such as tablets and phones may employ a slate form factor. A connection device may be used to provide a physical (e.g., magnetic) and communicative coupling between the devices, thereby permitting the devices to be used in combination, such as to expand an available display area, share processing and memory resources, and so on..

In addition they also noted that the connection between 2 surface devices maybe wireless or via the physical connector. The surface device will have ability to configured automatically adjust to make the best of the shared resources. The pattern was registered on 23rd June 2016.

Not only that, Microsoft also explained the technology applicable to connecting other devices too. Since, Windows 10 Redstone 2 is all about the productivity so hopefully this will be the big thing for Redstone 2. And maybe will see more information about this at this October event.

Source : Patentscope