Microsoft’s Ex CEO Steve Ballmer in an interview with CNBC revealed that the company had plans of buying the Social Networking giant in 2010. When asked what was the amount it wanted to buy Facebook, Ballmer disclosed it to be $24 billion.

He revealed that in 2010 Facebook was growing like mad and that $24 billion was a good deal which was declined by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Below is the detailed revelation of the transcripts of the interview.

“At the time Facebook was still two years away from its $100 billion IPO but was already “growing like mad.”

“I think $24 billion when the company was itsy-bitsy and [Zuckerberg] said no,” Ballmer said. “And I respect that.”

He also revealed that Microsoft was an early investor in Facebook holding 1.6% of shares at that time and is still having a cordial relationship with the Social Networking giant.

Ballmer also revealed that the company was never interested in buying Twitter but was definitely keen on buying Facebook, the deal which eventually never went thru.

Do let us know, had Microsoft purchased Facebook in year 2010, do you think Facebook would have achieved under Microsoft what it has achieved on its own now, in the comments below.