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One of the benefits of developing a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app in the Hosted Web App format is that developers can essentially repackage coding they’ve already written for web apps and use that work as a basis for their Windows 10 app.

Several companies have taken advantage of this convenient app development method and released rather impressive apps on the Windows Store.

Meanwhile here’s some good for AutoCAD user, today Autodesk’s AutoCAD application updated with new fixes and improvements. And since it’s the Universal Windows Platform App so the same experience is also available on the Windows 10 Mobile devices.

Here’s the official change-log of the AutoDest Version 4.0

  • Free and unlimited access to Pro plans for 30 days.
  • Fast and precise drawings thanks to new instruments to measure angles and length.
  • Bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements.

So go ahead and grab the latest updated version of the Autodesk’s AutoCAD 360 UWP app and let us know the experience of it in a comment below.