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HP Elite x3 combines PC power and productivity, tablet portability, and smartphone connectivity in a sleek and secure device. It is one of the smartphone which features Windows Continuum.

HP Elite x3 already feature ‘double-tap to wake’ and ‘raise to wake’. But many user complained that the both of the feature is not working properly. Well, of course HP took a quick look at it and updated HP Double Tap application.

HP rolled out a new version (v1.2.4) of HP Double and with this update both of the feature are working very smoothly. However there is no new feature added in the update but double-tap to wake and raise to wake are working a lot more reliably.

So, when you place Elite x3 down flat it automatically turns off and lock your device smoothly. And vise versa when you pick it up when laying down it automatically turn on and allows to see any missed notification.

HP is about to publish a new firmware update for the Elite x3 in following weeks. And it will surely bring new features and notable improvements. However there is no official date available yet but since Elite x3’s ROM is region-free so the roll out will be world wide.

Go ahead and grab the latest version of the HP Double Tap application from here and enjoy.

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