Windows users are often found complaining about lack of apps, be it games or utilities. Though some truth lies in the complaints, Windows store has almost all major social apps, except Snapchat(their CEO hates Windows, that’s why).

Viber, is an excellent social app which focuses on chatting and calls with support for stickers. They recently updated their apps to UWP ones and provides healthy support for the Windows platform. Today Viber released an update for their apps, bumping the version number to 6.3 and they were also generous to provide a change-log,

• Large emoticons in chat

• Media gallery in chat info screen

• Answer video calls with video to automatically open your front-facing camera

• Call directly from chat screen

• Sticker support in toast notifications

• Terms and policy update

Grab the update by clicking on this link,

Viber for Windows 10

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