Earlier or say last couple of weeks ago there were news that a new spyware “Pegasus” had exploited flaws in the IOS devices iPhone and iPad along with another spyware threat “Trident” to all IOS Devices. These are the most sophisticated and Persistent Malware/ Viruses for the IOS Devices.

IT is a good idea to keep your devices updated to the system to eliminate any vulnerability.Now in a blog post Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President Brad Anderson has put his thoughts behind the news of the spyware/virus effecting IOS Devices. He viewed that  IOS is as vulnerable as Android in comparison to Micrsofts Windows OS.

“Anderson emphasized that what happened recently proves that we are constantly under attack, regardless of platform or applications we use. He went on to say:

In the past two years, several executives told me countless times that have an unshakeable confidence in the iOS platform. These discussions have been quite common to hear a comment like, “I do not trust Android because it’s like the old west – but I have a lot of confidence in iOS because it is a controlled ecosystem and closed.” I’m not trying to throw stones on Android or iOS – but there is a dilemma in this perspective …

“Mr.Brad closed the discussion by claiming that Microsoft has the most compelling mobile operating system [Windows Mobile 10] to provide a safe and better base for your business .”

What do you think about the claims from Microsoft Corporate Vice President that Windows OS is the most safe and secured Operating System compared to IOS And Android, let us know in the comments below.



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