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Facebook reveals that it has found an easy and innovative solution for its Official Facebook and Messenger App to run smoothly on Windows 10 Mobile devices. The company says that for these Apps to run smoothly on your Windows 10 Mobile the device should atleast have Minimum of 2GB of RAM.

Now this would be bad news for lot of users who were very eager to have the Official FB and Messenger Apps for Windows Phones. The users of a Lumia 950 or 950 XL will effectively be able to have a smoother experience after installing these apps on their devices since the devices come with 3 GB of RAM.

Currently both these apps take close to 100 to 200MB of storage for it to run on Windows 10 Devices since these are ported apps based on OSMeta platform owned by Facebook. That’s a huge amount of space the apps take compared to other apps like WhatsApp (Owned by Facebook) which takes about 40 MB or less to run smoothly on Windows 10 Devices even with 512 MB of RAM devices.

The devices with RAM less than 2GB will still be able to install the applications but it will not run as smooth as the devices with 2GB or more RAM.These apps are the IOS Ported Apps which have been using Facebook’s owned OSMeta platform and not the usual Microsoft’s Project Islandwood.

There are lot of users who have been complaining in regards to the apps being unresponsive, open or load slowly and crash frequently. Facebook might have found a solution for these issues but might not be the permanent solution since if the company sticks to the same then they will end up loosing lot of Windows Userbase.

Instead the company, in consultation with Microsoft should look to re write the Official Apps based on Microsoft’s Project Islandwood or rewrite the app from scratch based on the company’s UWP for it to optimize and have a better user experience on Windows 10 Mobile.

This confirmation seems to be a clear tactic that Facebook is seriously not interested with Windows Platform or it is not having people who could actually get the apps optimized to work crash free on the Windows 10 platform.

Let’s hope that the solution could be temporary and that both the companies, Facebook and Microsoft, are working on a solution to give users of Windows Platforms a good and function able crash free apps.

Do let us know what do you think about the suggestion Facebook has revealed for its official apps to run on Windows Platform.

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