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There is good news for the Fans of Windows Phones and Windows 10 Mobile…..The Department of New York Police have joined lot of Windows Phone users by updating their Mobiles to Windows 10.

Besides using guns and badges now the officers are using Smartphones in New York. Everyone would have thought they would be using an iPhone or an Android, but the news coming in is that the New York Police is instead using Windows Phones built by the Redmond giant to fight crimes in New York.

The NYP have been working with Microsoft to create some special apps for fighting crime for Windows 10 Mobile. The Cops are using a Lumia 830 and Lumia 640XL for this purpose which are officially up gradable to Windows 10 Mobile.

The above phones are equipped with special apps, case management applications and ability to receive assignments,fill out forms and training videos.

This news is a great victory for Windows Phones and will surely help in increasing the market share of Windows Mobile and we could see more and  more people using Windows Phones since its the most secured platform compared to IOS and Android.

Are you happy with this news and will this increase the share of Windows Platforms, do let us know in the comments below.