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Microsoft in a blog post confirms that it is planning to increase the consumption of free space of the RAM with next build for Redstone 2.

Earlier the minimum requirement for PC to run was 256 MB of RAM, over a period of time the amount of RAM the PC have increased from 256MB to close to 4GB RAM.

Microsoft described in the Windows Blog that the Service Host will now be divided into separate processes on PCs with 3.5 GB of RAM or more . If your computer has this amount of memory, you will see an increase in the number of processes in Task Manager.

The company also claims that the separate services offers several significant advantages in performance :

  • When a service in a group fails, all services that are with him also fail. After the shift, it will no longer occur because the service can be individually closed.
  • The Task Manager will display more detailed information about what happens in the system information. You know exactly the use of CPU, memory, disk and network of each service.
  • Sandboxing and the establishment of individual permissions for each increases system security.

The company is currently testing this feature internally and the feature could be introduced to Insiders first for Fast Ring with the next Preview Insider Build for Windows 10 PC.

What do you think about the plans of the company to increase the RAM usage Capacity, is this Good News or Bad News do let us know in the comments section below.