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WhatsApp yesterday released a new Big update to its Stable App version on Windows Phone. The update has introduced all the new features which were present in the Beta App.The new update bumps the app to new version 2.16.240 which is same as the Beta Version.

The new update has introduced lot of new features for the Stable version on Windows Phone. Below are the new introduced features:

  • Backup Integration with¬†OneDrive along with Local Backup.
  • Option to Backup to OneDrive Weekly, Monthly, Daily.
  • Additionally if you don’t want you can disable the Backup.
  • Option to Backup Chat data on Both Cellular data and WIFI, Only Cellular Data, or Only WIFI.
  • Sending GIF images by cropping a video in Photos library to 6sec.
  • Forward Messages and Images by selecting multiple contacts at the same time.
  • Forward Images and Pictures from the Photo Gallery to Multiple Contacts.
  • Improved Set of Emoji’s available on IOS already.

These features are already available in the Beta Version of the app and after receiving positive feedback from the Beta users the company has pushed out the same features to the Stable version.

If you haven’t yet downloaded the new update you can do so by clicking on the link below.

Download WhatsApp for Windows Phone

  • Dave

    They develop the same app since Windows Phone, eh! Where is UWP app? Seems like Windows 10 Mobile won’t be good for Microsoft. The most popular apps like Facebook, messenger or instagram have been ported from iOS platform. Lol. Good fail from Micro$oft.

    • Benoy Nelson

      is ported fb app crashing for u ? which is ur devcie by d way?

      • Dave

        No, Facebook app doesn’t crash but works slow. Starting takes around 10 seconds on my Lumia 950 but when I try another, Android device, starting take nothing (maybe 1-2s). My android device is slower than Lumia 950 so this is the reason why ported app sucks.