B2X announced yesterday that they will handle the customer service of Microsoft-made phones Lumia and feature phones. The Germany-based company will not just provide customer support but also device repair services for warranty and non-warranty devices. Dieter Weisshaar, Chief Commercial Officer of B2X said:

“We are extremely excited to provide one of the industry’s most comprehensive service and support offerings to people using Lumia and Microsoft feature phones. With more than 400 service partners and 2,000 service locations globally, our customer care ecosystem and our SMARTCARE Technology are the ideal platform to serve the needs of these customers. We will make sure that customer support, reverse logistics and device repair services work seamlessly together, resulting in an exceptional customer experience.”

They will also release a Windows version of their SMARTAPP mid-October. The app will help diagnose the phone and will let interact with a call center agent.

“It’s an honor for us to work with Microsoft on such an exciting customer care program. Our global aftersales platform is successfully used by some of the leading mobile brands in the world such as Apple, Samsung and Lenovo. Now, we are looking forward to provide a superior customer service experience on behalf of Microsoft,” says Rainer Koppitz, Chief Executive Officer of B2X.

Devices purchased less than 6 month ago are eligible for their SMARTPROTECT premium service. It offers customers extended warranty with an insurance.

Purchase SMARTPROTECT here

B2X Multi-language support for Microsoft phone

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About B2X

B2X is a technology enabled company providing customer care services for mobile devices and other consumer electronics to manufacturers, insurance providers, carriers and retailers. B2X helps its clients to deliver the most seamless customer care experience for people using mobile devices.

The company‘s disruptive business model is based on its Smart Service Platform consisting of its SMARTCARE Technology, global presence and a trusted and reliable service partner network across 130 countries. SMARTCARE Technology is the leading platform serving the global customer care ecosystem for electronic devices integrating hundreds of partners and thousands of data points. The platform allows clients to optimize the entire customer care journey of consumers with their devices through realtime data, ensuring an excellent and consistent customer care experience.

SMARTCARE Technology is a best-in-class enterprise architecture with a mix of selfdeveloped and best-in-class components that is designed for purpose. The platform is scalable by design and can scale for millions of users. The entire platform is proven, modern, scalable and secure.

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