After Amazon another online retailer eBay will be removing its Windows Phone App from the Windows Store. Currently the  App is available for download, but will not be available after some time.

The company has mentioned in the App description in regards to the discontinuation of the Windows Phone App from the Windows Store.

A message on the app’s page in the Windows Store states that:

Starting September 30th, the eBay App for Windows will no longer be available. You can still shop on eBay by visiting us at from your browser.

The company has not yet confirmed in regards to the decision in removing its app from the Windows Store or whether they are working on re releasing a new app on the new Universal Platform for Windows 10.

Do let us know what do you think in regards to the decision taken by eBay in removing its Windows Phone app and whether it shoud work on releasing a new Application based on the Universal Platform of Windows 10.