Surface Phone
A Surface Phone concept.

The Surface Phone is the greatest rumor doing rounds among the fans of Windows Phone. Supposed to be the beast of all, people have been wildly throwing around guesses as to what the specs may be. The design too is also a topic of hot discussions and after using brilliantly designed Lumias for years, fans are expecting a lot from the Surface Phone. A new concept by Behance seems to agree with the feel of the fans.

The Cyan stripes on the grayish black adds a premium yet lovely look on the phone. A design like this won’t disappoint longtime Lumia fans. A surface like keyboard and surface pen also appears and gives the phone a ‘Surface’ like makeover. The phone seems to be running Windows 10 mobile but with a landscape mode start screen.

The leaks going around promises the phone to be a enterprise friendly flagship and the concept re-affirms that. Do you agree with it? Shout off in the comments below!