It’s no more a secret that Twitter is looking for potential buyers. The company behind the famous social network has been losing power and money in the past years, and some rumors are claiming that big companies like Verizon, Google, Microsoft and Salesforce are putting the eye on it. Before anythingh else, let’s make a point.

Microsoft has been focusing their effort on enterprises services lately, a social network would not help the company, but rather than using it as a social network, Microsoft is expected to bid mostly to integrate Twitter services for Bing. In fact, Twitter can handle 1.6 billion search queries per day and about 3000 people twitting simultaneously per second. Considering that Bing can’t really stand against Google, Bing could use Twitter to understand what’s important right now, and use that to improve their news results. Or also, to improve Bing Ad network, which is quite used right now (185M monthly searches · 8.2M unique searchers).

But again, I can’t tell anything. Users are fearing that Microsoft will tear down the social network in pieces and use them to expand and better power their services. Anyway, there may not be any news before the end of this year.