We all are Pokémon enthusiasts, and thanks to the third-party PoGo-UWP we can play the game of the moment as well on our Windows 10 devices. Today the developers released a new update for the app, which marks a new major update and brings more functionality like Pokédex and Item Inventory. It brings the app up to version 1.0.29

Here’s what’s new and improved with the latest PoGo-UWP version:

  • Added item inventory
  • Added Pokedex
  • Added battery saver mode
  • Added level up notification
  • Added hatching notification
  • Added new translations
  • Improved update system, now we can remotely disable the app if some game-breaking change happens
  • Improved network Handling
  • Improved UI
  • Improved app messages to make them more useful
  • Fixed catching bugs
  • Fixed bug in proto files that caused wrong values to be sent to server
  • Fixed resume to map page after suspension
  • Fixed a lot of other minor things

There’s another change the update brings that makes it easier to install the app: in fact, you users can now just copy the Appx files to their phone and direct install through File Explorer. Also, you can now login with Google, instead that doing the activation procedure for the Pokémon Trainer account.

Before going to leave you links for download and installation, I remind you that this app IS NOT APPROVED by Niantic Labs. , which means they may stop the functionality of the app by any moment (as it happened recently) or even ban your account.

Download PoGo-UWP from GitHub

How to install on PC:

1) Download the .appx file from GitHub; be sure to download the right package following your computer’s architecture.
2) download and import the certificate FIRST!
3) Open the *.appx file and follow the App Installer instructions.
4) Open Start and play the game

How to install on Mobile:

1) Download the .appx file from GitHub for the ARM architecture.
2) Move the file from your PC to the device, or if you downloaded the package directly from it, locate the appx file
3) Open the appx file, agree to install
3a) Be sure to put the phone into Developer Mode, unless it won’t work (You can do that via Settings> Update and Security> For Developers and change the phone mode)
4) Leave the phone some time to work, and after 5 minutes check the All Apps list, you’ll find PoGo-UWP.
5) Open the game and have fun

If you have any problems with the quick guide I wrote above, check our guide on how to install PoGo-UWP (you can skip the part where you have to sideload the appx file and just go to File Explorer and install it.)