Despite the release of major sports apps for Windows 10, the National Basketball Association or the NBA still has no plans of releasing a Windows 10 app. Christian Bonoan from NBA Fan Relations cited that they were already receiving thoughtful suggestions regarding NBA for Windows. They are exploring ways to reach fans through their digital offerings but vague on whether there is an app coming to Windows or not.

Here’s the full response:

“We have received many thoughtful suggestions on this topic from passionate fans like you, and you can be sure we are constantly exploring ways to enhance our digital offerings. More than anything, we greatly appreciate your interest in the NBA. Fans are important part of the league’s past and its future, and we will continue doing everything we can to produce the most exciting leagues possible”

Sports organizations like the NFL, MLB, NASCAR, Formula 1, La Liga, and a few more already supported the platform. Way back 2011, NBA released its NBA Game Time app and received an overhaul in 2013. It was retired in July 2014. Surprisingly, although not listed in the store, you can still download the app but you will be greeted by “no longer supported” message.

For a giant organization like the NBA, although not as big as others in the US but has a strong international fan base, it is a bit disappointing for not supporting the Windows platform. Considering majority of the stakes of the LA Clippers owned by former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, 365 million active devices, and the buzz around the internet, it is impossible that Windows 10 is not in its radar.

If you are a fan of one of the teams or the NBA itself, you can still be updated with latest news thru the built-in Sports app which has a dedicated NBA section. You can also use the ESPN app and watch the games thru WatchESPN app.

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