A new chapter is starting guys, and if you were expecting a new Windows Insider build tonight, you were right

In fact, build 14901 is rolling out to Fast Ring insiders. But before you start complaining, read this message from Dona Sarkar

NOTE: It may take a couple of hours for this build to show up for some Windows Insiders as updated device targeting needs to roll out.

So if you don’t see the update right away, wait a little until it pops out, and trust me it will.

Let’s talk about the changelog. As Dona stated earlier this week, some code refactoring is going on right now inside Windows, more specifically OneCore is getting some under the hood changes. So don’t be upset if you won’t see any new features just yet.

There’s only a new feature in this build: File Explorer notifications

New notifications in File Explorer for product education

They’re designed to help customers by providing quick, easy information about things they can do or new features they can try to have a better experience with Windows 10. If you want to opt out of these notifications, you can do so by unchecking ‘Show sync provider notifications’ from the Options menu in the File Explorer View tab.

As always, there are some known bugs:

  • Support for kernel debugging over 1394 has been removed, but will be available in an upcoming kit release. A work-around will be posted to the Debugging Tools for Windows Blog shortly.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader crashes when you try to launch it.

Also, some of you may wonder about Mobile. Well, the team is laser-focused on preparing to release the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to Mobile devices and people at Microsoft thinks they’re almost ready.

So go grab the new build and let us know the experience in the comments!

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