Readit-third party Reddit app for Windows 10 has received an update. The update improves subreddit notifications and now clicking on those notifications will take you directly to the sub-reddit and post. The update also brings lots of bug fixes.


  • Subreddit notifications will now take you to the subreddit and the specific post for viewing
  • Fixed a bug where caching would cache the license even if you haven’t purchased Readit ad-removal causing your license to never be checked again even if you purchased ad removal.
  • There is no longer a bar above posts in profiles, inbox, and search in the mobile UI
  • Fixed bug where nsfw subreddits would show overlay on every post in swipeview.
  • Fixed graphical issue when pressing and holding on a post, you must now release your finger now for the context menu to appear though
  • Fixed a bug where brackets could cause plain text to be interpreted as a link in markdown
  • Fixed gifs sometimes playing in the post list which caused the app to slowdown (anniversary update)
  • Fixed buggy submit button that attached to the keyboard (appbar) in mobile UI
  • Fixed unsubscribe not working in the subscriptions list

Get the updated version of Readit for Windows 10 from here.