Keep running out of storage on your iOS device? Sure you do. As you know that most iOS devices (Most importantly iPhone and iPad) come with limited storage in base models, it isn’t too long before you run out of space on your device leaving you in a situation where you can’t capture your favourite moments and can’t install the latest app or iOS update.

There are also situations when you need to sell your iPhone but are concerned with the recoverability of your data even if you delete it.

If you face either (or both) of these problems, our today’s tool is for you.

iMyfone Umate pro for Windows is a data eraser tool which lets you tackle storage space concerns and also wipes your deleted data permanently should you wish so, making it unrecoverable.


(Note that this isn’t a data recovery tool. Find our review of iMyfone D-Back for your data recovery needs here).

Here are the iOS devices supported for cleaning by Umate Pro:

supported devices

And here are the files types supported for cleaning:

supported files

Features of iMyfone Umate Pro for Windows:

iMyfone Umate Pro allows you to release space just by one click. It has some powerful functions: Clean up junk files, Compress photos losslessly or backup and delete the photos, Delete large files and Remove unused apps.

  • Clean Up Junk Files

Junk data, app caches and temporary files build up over time on iOS and are not always cleared effectively. iMyfone Umate Pro helps clear this data from your device and reclaim valuable storage space.

Items like crash logs, photo caches, cookies, temporary files, failed downloads and other junk created by third-party apps can be found and deleted with a single click within the tool. While this may not free up a huge amount of space, it’s some space that would otherwise be unusable. Your results may vary though and the tool may offer a considerable amount of freeable storage if you don’t clear temporary files yourself regularly.


1 pic 1

1 pic 2

After cleaning, you will see how much space has been released and how much more can be released by other functions.

1 pic 3

  • Compress, Backup or Delete Photos

iMyfone Umate Pro has compression technology which iMyfone claims that can save up to 75% of space used by your photos with its lossless compression. Umate Pro also gives you the opportunity to back up your photos to your computer so that you can save your photos in original size and quality before you proceed. There is minimal noticeable degradation and you will definitely appreciate the freed up space over the lost quality.

You can also use tool to view and bulk delete photos from your device, saving you lots of space depending on the size of your photo library.

  • Erase All Data

2 pic 1

iMyfone Umate Pro supports deleting everything on your iOS device. All data will be wiped out permanently and everything stored on the device will be gone once you select this option.

Removing your data and files completely can be done by the Factory reset option in iOS but Factory reset is not enough to delete all data permanently as it is recoverable. This tool ensures that the data cannot be recovered.

There are 3 levels of devices erasing. You can choose the one that suits you best. iMyfone recommends choosing Medium Level though.

2 pic 2

  • Erase Deleted Files

3 pic 1

Simply deleted files can be recovered easily. The Erase deleted files option makes sure that you can erase those deleted files with no chance of recovery even by using latest recovery tools.

3 pic 3

  • Erase Private Data

4 pic 1

A key focus with iMyfone Umate Pro is privacy and ensuring data. This feature ensures that your private data is completely removed before a device is provided to a new owner. It will destroy private data with 100% unrecoverability to keep your personal information from falling into the wrong hands.

After the scanning, iMyfone Umate Pro will list all of you private data including photos, messages, contacts etc. You can click to preview and selectively delete a specific type of data.

priv data


iMyfone Umate Pro is a great tool for free-storage deprived and privacy focussed iOS device owners which they can use conveniently and easily through their Windows PCs. The tool cleans up a lot of space from your iOS device and ensures that no wiped data is ever recoverable, even through iMyfone’s own data recovery tool. And for that it scores 10/10 from us.

iMyfone Umate Pro is a paid tool, which might be a put-off for people who prefer using free software (there is limited free version with limited features for you) but you should definitely purchase this tool which will prevent you from getting your supposedly-deleted data leaked and saving you the blushes and embarrassment if your deleted data ever leaks out should you decide not to use the tool.