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Rudy Hyun the Developer of popular App Dropbox has pushed out an update to its App for Windows 8.1. The App has been bumped with lots of features which were released to the Windows 10 Mobile App.

Here is the Changelog for the features.


  • Display screen to the last opened application reopening
  • Printing documents stored on Dropbox (Word, PDF, PowerPoint, images and text files)
  • Sharing a single file with a specific person
  • Create and manage passwords for shared links
  • Support to “highlight” (highlighted) in the preview of the texts
  • Viewer files redesigned to maximize space
  • Cancel the last operation with the combination Ctrl + Z
  • “Accessibility” with better support of contrasts
  • Overall performance improvement

The update is currently live and you can grab it by clicking on the below link

Download Dropbox for Windows 8.1