Microsoft released a major update to Windows 10, the Windows Anniversary Update on August 3 2016 (Yesterday) containing a wealth of new features such as Windows Ink, Quick Assist, Accessibility improvements and more.

Now, in a series of new videos posted on Windows’ Youtube channel, Microsoft has now detailed some of these features along with the thought process and work required to develop these features.

Check them out:

New Features

In this video, Bryan Roper details the cool new features in the Windows anniversary Update in his usual super cool way.

YouTube video

Windows Ink

In this video, Li Chen Miller joins Bryan Roper in detailing the Windows Ink usability and sharing the mindset of the Development team in making Windows Ink.

YouTube video

Quick Assist

Katharine Holdsworth and Bryan Roper talk about the Quick Assist feature and how it can be really useful in sharing your technical prowess to assist other people.

YouTube video


Here, Brett Humphrey talks about the Accessibility improvements in Windows 10 with Bryan Roper and how it can help make life easier for people with disabilities.

YouTube video