Popular sharing app gets an update in the Windows Store. The update adds Android Hotspot Scanner for mobile. It also brings fixes on transmission bugs. The update bumps the app version to


1. fix transmission bug

2. add android hotspot scanner feature (Mobile Version)

App description

SHAREit, A fantastic application that can complete transferring files between devices in seconds! Cellular data free! Genuine multi-platform!

PS:When transmission via Wi-Fi, transmission speed will be affected by the equipment and the surrounding.


· Photos, music and video are easy to share with anyone at any time, brings people together.

· Transfer files between phone and computer at any time, transferring is no longer limited.

-Cellular data free

· Devices could transfer files anytime as long as they are on the same LAN.

· Without LAN? Devices could connect to hotspot that are created by one of them, always could transfer files at any time.

* Transfer files over hotspots if not using cellular data.

* Doesn’t support transfer files over hotspots that are created by Windows Phone. -Multi-platform

· SHAREit is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Windows Phone. Share the happiness to the people who are around you at any time. Official Website:

Download for Windows 10