Image Courtesy: Microsoft .com

Have a Windows 10 Mobile (officially) unsupported phone? Well, you can no longer get Windows 10 Mobile on your phone even via the Windows Insider program.

After some reports on the move, Microsoft has now officially stated that unsupported phones will no longer be able to get Windows 10.

Here’s what Microsoft had to say on the move:

Earlier this year when we launched Windows 10 Mobile, we announced a series of changes to Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Program, including details of our launch of Windows 10 Mobile as well as changes to the supported Windows 10 Mobile insider preview devices.

With the upcoming release of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the Release Preview ring is moving to Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build 14393. This change will have some impact on unsupported device:

  • As stated before, unsupported devices will not receive any builds or updates newer than 10586.x
  • Unsupported devices will not be able to select any Windows Insider Preview rings in the Windows Insider app
  • Updates to apps and services may not be available for unsupported devices and in some cases may limit certain experiences

Unsupported devices can still use the Windows device recovery tool to recover to Windows phone 8.1, but will not have the option to return to Windows 10 Mobile.

As always, we appreciate our Insiders and thank you for your participation in the Windows Insider Program.

There you have it folks, most of you are now officially out of the Windows Insider program on the Mobile side of things. Either get a (supported) new Windows Phone or Start/Continue the Windows Insider Program on your PC should you still want in on the Insider fun.

Please do note that you can continue running Windows 10 Mobile on your unsupported phone if you already have it installed. Just don’t recover to WP8.1 using WDRT should you run into any issues, if you want to continue to run W10M on your device. Hard-Resetting is the only option for you in that case.

And yeah, now is a good time to finally get rid of the Windows Insider app from your phone as it’s functionality is integrated into the Settings app Redstone1 onwards. Not that it is of any use on other phones either.