Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 Mobile
Image Courtesy: Facebook.com

After releasing  an update to the Messenger app with all the features in the Beta App last week, Facebook today released an update to its Official Messenger App.The App has been bumped to version 79.528.24456.0

The App comes with minor changes.

  • A Turn on Notification option with a “RED Exclamation” has been added in the Notifications section under Settings.
  • The landscape mode has been removed which was lot buggy to use for users. Probably the landscape mode will be added in future updates.

Also the app now seems to load a lot faster than before. But Still there is no Voice and Video Calling Feature available which a lot of users are looking forward to in Windows 10 Mobile.

Apart from the above we could not spot anything more in terms of features. Do let us know if you spot anything new in the comments below.

The Update is currently live and you can grab it by clicking on the link below.

Download Messenger for Windows 10 Mobile.