Unstream, a popular third-party Twitch app for Windows 10 has received an update, adding new features and also making it available for free, without any ads. The update takes the app to version 4.0 .

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Unstream is now completely free of ads
  • Chat Replay is here!! You can now watch VODs and view chat messages as they were sent.
  • Added ‘auto’ stream/video quality. Playback quality now automatically adjusts to your bandwidth.
  • Added channel feeds! View channel feed posts via new pivot item in profile page (view posts and reactions only at the moment – posting reactions and comments coming soon).
  • Added option to enable or disable mini player mode
  • (Re)Added ability to follow/unfollow games
  • Added notification aggregation. If there are more than 5 followed streams live, you will only be notified that there are ‘multiple streamers live” and not one notification for each (some people may have followed streamers and would therefore be spammed)
  • Added donations option to About page

Get Unstream for Windows 10 totally free from the Windows Store here.