Lost or corrupted the data on your iOS device? Or are you worried you might lose access to the data someday? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

There are various occasions when things go wrong and you lose access to your data. Your phone might get soft bricked due to a buggy software update, an incorrect jailbreaking process might mess up the OS or a simple drop on the floor might render the device useless. That’s when you require a Data Recovery tool to recover your precious memories stored in the form of photos or your other important data as your work documents.

iMyfone D-Back for Windows is a Data Recovery Tool for your iOS device which can save you the hassle of recovering the lost/accidently deleted data from your device as well as fix the iOS system. The tool also lets you regain access to your iPhone if you forget your lock screen password.

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Here are the devices compatible for recovery with iMyfone D-Back:

Screenshot (54)

And here are the files supported for recovery:

Screenshot (55)

Features of iMyfone D-Back for Windows:

  • Restore your iOS device and it’s data back to it’s original working condition.

Screenshot (56)

  • Four Recovery Modes for your different Recovery needs:

Screenshot (57)

Smart Recovery: Let the tool work it’s magic automatically and find the lost data stored anywhere on on it’s own. The tool asks how did the lost/corrupt your data and presents relevant options. Then it asks what files you want to recover.

Screenshot (60)

Recover from iOS Device: The tool scans for your iOS device connected to your Windows PC and then asks you which files to recover from it.

ios device


Recover from iTunes Backup: This mode lets you selectively restore an existing backup stored on iTunes installed on your Windows PC and preview the data before actually restoring it.


Recover from iCloud Backup: You can also recover your backed up files stored on your iCloud account.



  • Fix your iOS System


This solution is tailor made for someone whose iOS device is stuck in the black screen, white screen, Apple Logo or even in the recovery mode or any looping issues . The beauty of this feature is that you do not have to worry about losing any data when using it to fix your system.

The process is not at all complicated and you just have to follow the given directions, ensure that your iOS device remains connected to your Windows PC at all times and wait for the process to get over.


iMyfone D-Back for Windows is an impressive tool and works as it should. It is easy to use and ensures that any and every data/system loss is fixed and restored. As it is a paid tool with different purchase options, think carefully considering the options available and your requirements. There’s also a Free trial if you want to experience it before purchasing.

Screenshot (61)

Still thinking whether or not to purchase, well don’t and go for it. There’s always a 30 day money back guarantee should you be unsatisfied with your purchase.

Download iMyfone D-Back for Windows from here.

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