Travel planning company “Kayak” has reportedly dropped support for it’s official Windows Phone, according to an e-mail issued by the company to a user inquiring about an issue with app.

Here is a quote from the specific e-mail:

Thank you for the clarification. Our Mobile Team is no longer supporting this app, so I’m afraid I will not be able to trouble shoot with you.

You may want to consider visiting the mobile optimized version of KAYAK from your phone’s internet browser (

The technician mentions that as the app is now unsupported, he/she will not be able to help the user troubleshoot the app and advises the concerned user to use it’s mobile optimized website.

While the app doesn’t show up on a search in the Windows 10 Mobile Store, it does in the Windows Phone 8.1 store, although it isn’t available to download anymore.

For those who already have it installed, the app continues to work.

If you don’t, try your luck here.

Are you affected by the decision of Kayak to drop support for it’s app? Let us know via a comment below.