It’s happening boys and girls! Windows 10 will be available as service, just like Office!

We’ve first heard about that back when Windows 8.1 was still in development. Windows would become service, like Office and lots of other services. Now, with Windows 10 Redstone 1, Microsoft made step to do that. Few builds ago in system32 folder, few files appeared, that suggested subscription support. Clicking on them didn’t do anything. Now Microsoft confirmed that enterprises users will be able to buy Windows 10 Enterprise E3 edition.

Windows 10 Enterprise E3 will be probably same just like normal Enterprise version. It’ll cost 7$ per month. It’s good, when company needs Windows license for few months, otherwise – it may be really expensive. Windows 10 Pro costs 200$. So after 28 months E3 version is more expensive than normal Windows.

But don’t worry! Home users can sleep peacefully. Right now there are only two subscription services from Microsoft – Office 365 and Groove Music Pass.