Twitch is one of the biggest live-stream service in the world, which is used by many peoples – from single peoples, social eaters, Youtubers, to biggest companies. The only one problem is… There’s no official Windows 10 app.

With the help comes Sudo Stream app – the UWP app, which can be run on almost every Windows device – desktop, tablets, smartphones, HoloLens and even… Surface Hub!

Smooth and modern design


The first thing which you can see is games tiles. From here you can choose, which game you wand watch. From newest Overwatch, thought Need For Speed and Grand Theft Auto V. Second tab is Streams, which contains… Streams. The last one is Featured, which also contains featured streams. You can also use search button on the top right corner, if you didn’t found thing you were looking for. You can search by streams, channels and games.

Also in the top-left corner is Hamburger menu (you can also open it with simple swipe), and here you can login to your Twitch account and get into settings. From here you can disable/enable chat, notifications, change default stream quality, and change app theme (dark/light).

The app supports many, many gestures which works with touch and mouse too! It makes it very intuitive.

Time to watch the stream!


App is working perfectly fine on my Dell Latitude E6320 laptop with newest Treshold 2, and on Microsoft Lumia 535 with Redstone 1. I’ve never had any connection issues on both devices.

From stream window, you can change quality, you can pause, change volume, maximize window (you can also do it by double-tap/click on window). You can enable/disable chat, go into streamer profile, share stream, or refresh stream if there would be any connection issue. There’s only one thing lacking for me – no go back to live button, if you paused stream.

Also, on the right-hand side you got fully working chat.

Sudo Stream supports video in pop-up window – just like Android Youtube app! Thanks for that you can watch stream, and look for another one. To do it, simply swipe window down, or press back button. If video is in pop-up – you can swipe right to close it, or swipe up to expand it.


I love it!

Overall, it’s very good app! It’s got all needed features. Well, it requires some small fixes, but they are really, really small. It’s free and ad-free! I can recommend this app, if you want to watch your favourite livestreamer everywhere!

You can download app here! Also checkout developer website.

One more thing…™

Suto Stream developers launched AppStretch campaign! If you love this app, and you want help developer – go and help them! They’re promising Xbox support, Cortana voice commands, Windows Hello, and much, much more! You can do it here! Do it, if you love it!