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So it seems that Netflix disappearing from the Windows Store was just a brief outage and is now available again. It’s worth noting that it still doesn’t appear through a search in the Store but shows up in the Top Free Apps section of the Store and also through direct Store listing links.

In a statement issued to Neowin, They also confirmed that they have no plans to remove their app from the Windows Store and was the outage was just a small problem in the Store which they are investigating it with Microsoft. Here’s what they had to say in a statement issued to Neowin:

Thanks for flagging this. We just looked into it and it appears to be available across all Windows platforms. There are no plans to remove it.

We’ll continue to investigate this with Microsoft.

This would come as a sigh of relief to users of Netflix as the outage caused quite a scare, with Netflix being one of the first companies to embrace the Universal Windows Platform.

Download Netflix for Windows from here.

What do you think of the latest development? Are you able to download Netflix now? Let us know in the comments section.


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