In Windows 8, Microsoft introduces new way to share content – simply by Share button. From the beginning – it’s lacks one small thing – copy link button.

Now with Share via Clipboard you can fix this problem. It works with Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.


You don’t have to actually open app – it’s only contains tutorial, how to use it.


To use it – simply click on Share button in app, which supports this, like the in store:

1 2

You can share link, whole text, or even images. Develop has promised, the HTML and files support is coming later.


It’s working in Twitter, and basically every app too!


Also – it’s good to remember WIN+H combination – it allows you to use Share feature almost everywhere as screenshot.


Share via Clipboard also works with Windows 10 Mobile too!



Well, that’s all the things interesting in this app. It’s very, very small (only 3 MB!), but it’s also very, very useful.

Microsoft, why don’t you install this as pre-installed app? We don’t need Candy Crush!