Back in early 2015, it seemed that Microsoft had many new Lumia phones planned to launch alongside Windows 10 Mobile. But with the later announcement of it’s retrenchment plans in favour of Third party OEM Windows phones, only some of those planned models made it to the market resulting in a rather drought-like situation in Windows 10 phones available to people around the world.

One of those cancelled devices was the oft-rumoured Lumia Honjo, referred to as the Lumia 850 or the 650 XL. The Honjo was said to be in it’s early stage of development with prototyping going on before it was cancelled. Now the Italian site has posted new hands-on images of what they claim are of the cancelled Honjo.

pic 1  pic 2  pic 3

The device certainly resembles the Lumia 650 and may have been the planned Lumia 650 XL, rather than the Lumia 850. Adding credence to this is the fact that is was said to be sporting the Snapdragon 210 processor and a 720p HD screen.

With newer Android phones with similar price points sporting even the Snapdragon 652 processor and 1080p displays, this might even have felt a little too under-powered to Microsoft which may have been another factor that lead to it’s eventual cancellation. Of course, the 650 has similar specs but it might have made it through solely because of it’s business-centric product placement.

What do you think of the Honjo? Do you think Microsoft should have released it to the market? Share your views via the comments section.


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