Pokémon Go is turning out to be the Flappy Bird of 2016 and Pokémania is back thanks to this one game!


In Pokémon Go, player’s task is to hunt Pokémons via smartphone camera, to make it look like they really exists. And of course, he must to go outside and find them in cities, in forests, in buildings – basically you can find them everywhere! But Niantic – Pokémon Go developer says it’s “very most basic versions”. John Hanke – the CEO of Niantic says, there will enhane virtual reality experience, including possible support for VR and AR devices such as Hololens – “That may be a fun thing to take advantage of”.


If you got free 3.000$, and you’re huge fan of Pokémons – go and buy Microsoft’s Hololens! Because it may come for this device! But we hope, it’ll also come for Windows 10 Mobile, if it’ll be UWP app.

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