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Have you got an iOS device and often find yourself scratching your head in dismay when something goes wrong with it? If yes, then we’ve got you covered.

Enter iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery for Windows.

What is iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery?

iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery is a full-fledged data recovery solution for recovering the deleted files from your iOS device; or fixing your malfunctioning or bricked device without wiping the data stored on it.

There are various occasions when things go wrong and you lose access to your data. Your phone might get soft bricked due to a buggy software update, an incorrect jailbreaking process might mess up the OS or a simple drop on the floor might render the device useless. That’s when you need this tool to recover your precious memories stored in the form of photos or your other important data as your work documents.

Although the tool’s name suggests compatibility only with the iPhone, that isn’t the case as it helps you in fixing any iOS running device including the iPod Touch and the iPad, although not everything is supported with every device at the moment.

Here are the supported recovery options for each device:

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Features of iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery:

  1. Recover all File Types: Recover all your content such your contacts, messages, WhatsApp conversation history, notes, calendars, pictures, videos or Safari browser data.
  1. Recover From iTunes or iCloud Backup Files: If you already backed up your device using iTunes or iCloud, you can restore it to your device with this tool.
  1. Fix Recovery Mode Loop: In addition to recovery deleted and lost data, iPhone Data Recovery can also repair the operating system of your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. If your iOS devices are stuck in the black screen, white Apple logo or continuous recovery mode loop and don’t start up, you can turn to the “Fix iOS to Normal” feature for help. This function will instruct you to repair your iOS devices, making them work as normal.
  1. Preview Data: You can preview the data before doing the actual recovery to decide which files you actually need to recover, as selectively recovering the required data can speed up your overall recovery process.
  1. Recovery location: Data can be recovered either directly to your iOS device or to your computer.
  1. Quick Scan: It is a fast method to deeply scan all lost data on your iOS device.
  1. Free Updates: The lifetime full version provides free updates without any limitation.

How to Use iSkySoft iPhone Data Recovery Software?

Using iSkysoft iPhone Data recovery is fairly simple. As soon as you connect your iOS device, you will see the options automatically displayed on your computer screen.

Here are the detailed steps: 

  1. Connect Your iOS device: Connect your device to the computer using the data cable.
  1. Choose Applications to Backup: Once you connect your device to the computer, it will ask you to choose the type of files for recovery. It will list the data into two headings: Data deleted from the device & Data available on the device. It will search for the content across all possible locations such as contacts, SMS, audio/video, notes, calendar, browser bookmarks, etc.

step 2

  1. Start Scan: Once you select “Start Scan”, it will start looking for the files that can be recovered. It will take few minutes depending on the size of the recoverable files. Make sure you don’t disconnect the device otherwise you need to start over again.

step 3

  1. Preview/Backup/Recover Files: If you have connected your device for the first time, you will not see any files under deleted and all your files will be available under ready to backup. During the preview, your files will be displayed in respective categories, and you can select files before starting Recover/backup by clicking on the button.

step 4

On the top, you will have the option to “Show only deleted files”. This way it will be quick for you to recover only deleted files which are not present on your device, rather than searching through the whole list of files.


iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery is a great tool and delivers exactly what it promises. Although it may seem a bit expensive to some, that cost will definitely not be worth more than your personal data. All in all, Go for it and you won’t be disappointed.

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Download iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery by clicking here.

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