iSkysoft iMusic

Ever wanted a one stop solution to satisfy the audiophile in you? Of course you have, and iSkysoft iMusic might just be what you were looking for. iMusic is an all-in-one music management tool available for Windows that lets you download music and playlists from thousands of sites, record any song you’re playing, clean up (delete duplicate and broken tracks), fix the metadata of your iTunes Library and transfer them conveniently between your iDevices, Android phones and Windows PCs and Tablets.

You can search for your favorite music right from the app, download, create playlists, and arrange everything with just a few clicks.

Let us take a look at the features of iMusic:


Discover is one of the three ways to get your favourite music right from the app. This feature lets you search and explore music from around the world. You can find relevant music by looking at artists, genres & trending playlists or searching manually and play it right from the app.

Screenshot (37)     Screenshot (38)

What’s more! You can even download the songs and playlists for free. No more fiddling around through several apps just to get your favourite music.


The “Download” section lets you paste external links from thousands of websites and downloads the audio file present in the link.

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What this means is that you can just browse around various websites like Youtube, SoundCloud, Spotify,etc. , find your desired song, copy the link to the webpage and just paste it into the above box given inside the app and click Download after selecting your desired format. iMusic will then download the song from the directed path and save it automatically. You can check the download progress in the Downloaded section present on the top right corner (below the Taskbar). After the downloading has finished, your song(s) will show up in the “Music Library” section of the app.

Then you can later transfer them to your iDevice, Android device or in your desired folder on your Windows device.

There’s also an in-built browser which you can use to browse webpages from within the app with a few suggestions given below. You can open any website apart from the given suggestions by clicking on More Websites.


There are many instances when you can’t find or copy the links to certain music as it is blocked by the website. This is where “Record” comes to your rescue. If you can stream songs, you can save them as iMusic records the file being played on your device and then saves it as you like. This is really useful as it records the high quality file and not the sound through your speakers with the microphone. There is practically no noticeable difference from a regular download as even song Metadata can be added to it.

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Screenshot (41)

It is often frustrating and time-consuming to move songs from your PC to your other devices, especially your iDevices. But with iMusic you can forget all your worries by using the “Transfer” feature embedded into iMusic.

Some features include:

  1. Transferring music to iDevices without updating the existing content
  2. Copy content from iPad, iPod, and iPhone to your iTunes library without duplicating files
  3. Create backup of your music collection from your iPhone, iPad, and iPad (useful if you are planning to switch to a new computer)
  4. Drag all your favorite songs to your iDevices without the need for iTunes
  5. Transfer music files between an Android device and iTunes library.


Rebuild or Backup iTunes library

It is fairly common for you to transfer music each time you lose your iTunes library content or use a new device. You have to synchronize the library again with your Apple device. You even add music from external sources such as hard disks. It feels tiresome and is a big hassle. iMusic lets you backup your iTunes library and move it across different devices and computers. Rebuild the library by just connecting the device to your PC and start the transfer. That is all!

Fix your Music library

You might face problems with your music collection such as corrupted metadata or unplayable songs, in general. The fixing/repairing solution from iMusic allows you to solve all issues easily. It also carries out the following activities:

  1. Remove or clean broken files from your Music library
  2. Repair mislabelled song information
  3. Adds song metadata automatically
  4. Deletes duplicate files




The Toolbox embedded into iMusic contains all the things that you need to organize and manage your music collection. You can use the toolkit to manage and arrange files in your Music library on your PC and mobile devices. Other features allow you to:

  1. Backup your Music library
  2. Recover files from the library
  3. Repair the songs in the library
  4. Add covers and tags automatically
  5. Remove DRM from songs to enable you to listen in your favorite player
  6. Transfer playlists to a USB drive to play in your car
  7. Burn all your favorite songs on CDs.


iSkysoft iMusic comes across as a very handy tool for your music needs, offering a lot of tools and features making it a true one-stop solution for all your music related needs. It is beautifully designed and is fluid to use. Though it is a paid app, it is well worth the cost. Here are your options:

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There’s also a free trial with a limited set of features which you can use to make your decision whether to purchase it or not.

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Considering how powerful and convenient it is to use, I would definitely recommend you to buy it’s “LifeTime License” as it also includes future updates for free. Also, you can use with multiple mobile devices which means even your family can use it along with you, making your decision even more easier and value for money.

Download iSkysoft iMusic by clicking here.