Microsoft is working on a new range of Surface devices that could be launch later this year. Shubhan Chemburkar, an Indian developer, posted some pictures that hint a number of Surface in the Microsoft’s building 88 during a Windows Insider event.


The wall has dedicated pictures of every Surface devices generations. The pictures do not show any information, but they certainly are giving a hint that new Surface device are on the way and they could launch later this year.

Earlier this week, digitimes¬†reported that Microsoft could launch Surface AIO in Q3, 2016. The Surface AIO is apparently an alternative for Microsoft’s second generation Surface Book. Other than that, Microsoft’s rumoured Surface Phone is also expected to launch next year in Spring 2017.

There are 3 placeholders for Surface devices in the picture that are expected to launch in the 2017. Though, it’s unclear what devices are Going to be launched and when.?

This is certainly a good news as we will get to see new range of premium Surface devices and it will give some good options for those who want to upgrade the old generations of Surface devices.