Rencently, we reported you that NuAns NEO Windows 10 Mobile will be available globally. Today NuAns launched the NEO and it is available for purchase at Kickstarter. The company is raising funds and this project will only be funded if at least $725,000 is pledged by Tue, Aug 9,2016.

In the Kickstarter campaign, NuAns stated:

We are NuAns. In trying to provide new answers to the various problems with smartphones today, we designed NuAns NEO; a powerful, convenient, and stylish smartphone supporting the Windows 10 Mobile. Breaking through the glass ceiling of stereotypes that is a Windows phone, we have designed a device that will change your view of the Windows OS system all together. Let us show you.

If you are unaware of the specifications of NuAns, you can see them below:


You can see many choices available on Kickstarter. you can pick up a TWOTONE combination or a flip case at $30. Also, you can get Family Special pack where you can have 2 NEO CORE, 2x TWOTONE Combo or 2x Flip case at $650.

NuAns will start shipping the devices on November 2016. For the full offerings and to order NuAns NEO, you can visit Kickstarter here