HERE Maps has been a great part for Windows Phone for many years. HERE announced in the March that they would pull its mapping apps for Windows 10 on March 10. However, they limited the work for Windows Phone 8. Today, as they announced earlier, they have completely stopped the development of HERE apps for Windows 10.

HERE spokesperson Pino Bonetti said, “In the last few months, we made the HERE apps compatible with Windows 10 by using a workaround that will no longer be effective after June 30, 2016. To continue offering the HERE apps for Windows 10 would require us to redevelop the apps from the ground up, a scenario that led to the business decision to remove our apps from the Windows 10 store.”

This means the HERE apps will no longer work on devices running Windows 10 mobile after today. If you have smartphone running Windows Phone 8 or PC running Windows 8, then HERE maps will keep working, unless you upgrade to Windows 10.

This is a sad day to see that one of the important apps is saying goodbye to us. However, Microsoft is filling the gaps with Windows Maps app with major updates and new features.

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