The Lumia 550, one of Microsoft’s most affordable phones can now be yours for just £49.99 in the UK if you get it on EE or Vodafone pay as you go, a minimum of £10 top up is required.

It is also available as an upgrade on Vodafone UK pay as you go for only £19.99 on Carphone Warehouse. They also offer pay monthly plans on certain networks.

Also it is available SIM free at Carphone Warehouse in the UK for an amazing £69.99 which is currently £20 cheaper than at the Microsoft online Store. The benefit of buying the device SIM free is you’ll own it and you4 phone won’t be tied to a specific mobile network so you can get a SIM only plan from another mobile network.

So will you be heading over to Carphone Warehouse to pick up the Lumia 550? Let us know in the comments section bellow.